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Nicosia Municipality Theatre

Nicosia Municipality Theatre takes flight with high end products and service by VHypersound & Light! They say you can judge a city from its cultural monuments. Nicosia was in desperate need of such a building. Re-modeling of the 1,000 seat Municipality Théâtre in Nicosia, the biggest one ever relating to theatre in our market, was a challenge by itself. All companies involved had to go to tasks and lengths they probably haven’t been before. Reputations were at stake. We were handpicked and assigned to implement the Theatre Lighting, Theatre Sound, Music & Announcement System, Ring Intercom System, Stage Engineering (Upper /Lower), Acoustic Shell, Orchestra Lift, Stage Managers Desk System, CCTV system for stage.

Thanks to the hard dedication and efforts of our team members and associates as well as the great products and brand representations we hold, this project has come to magnificent conclusion.

Special thanks go out to to CHAUVET ProfessionalRenkus-HeinzARXChemtrol StageLDA Audio TechAshly Audio, Inc.Clockaudio.

Theatre Lighting.
The ALL LED Lighting fixture Theatre is a reality. The municipality Theatre of Nicosia has a total of 150 LED High End Theatrical fixtures consisting of Profiles/Moving Heads/LED pars/follow spots. The Theatre Lighting fixtures are powered by Chauvet Professional. The Philips Strand Neo Lighting Console was chosen for the control for the Chauvet Fixtures.

Theatre Sound.
In The Municipality Theatre of Nicosia a high end Line Array System by Renkus-Heinz is installed. The Varia system installed gives the listener a new perspective of going to see a Theatre performance. Our experts together with the Renkus-Heinz have programmed the sound system so that wherever you seat the sound will be perfectly the same. The KLR series amplifiers from Ashly Audio were chosen to run the Varia System. Also a 16×3 transformer Microphone/Line System by ARX was placed. The controller for this system is the C2500 by Allen Heath.