• Discussion digital embodied chairman unit
  • silver

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  • Embedded design, simple and bright appearance.
  • Cardioid pickup pattern condenser microphone.
  • With speech and apply dual-colored indicator, speech in red and apply in green.
  • Screw fixed gooseneck microphone for easy installation and reliable connection.
  • With earphone output for monitoring.
  • Chairman unit with highest priority to control and management the whole system.
  • Chairman unit could deny or approve the apply for speech from delegate unit.
  • Chairman unit could be connected to anywhere of the system.
  • Both of the microphone units are directly powered by human safe level DC24V from the controller.
  • Expansion could be available through the connection box TS-0626 and TS-0626A.
  • Frequency response 20-20,000Hz.



Model TS-0624/ TS-0624A
Power Supply DC24V by controller
Cable Connector 8 Pin
Earphone Output 9dBu, 8-32Ω, 3.5mmphone jack
Microphone Type Condenser microphone
Frequency Response 20-20KHz
S/N Ratio >90dB
Distortion <0.1%
Direction Cardioid pickup pattern
Dimension 129x45x35mm
Cutout Size 103x41x45mm
Weight 0.18Kg
Color Silver