MR 88

MR 88

  • Digital 8 channel Automatic Microphone Mixer with advanced Digital Sound Processing technology
  • Stand alone or IU rack mountable
  • designed for use in controlled
  • acoustic environments

Digital 8 channel Automatic Microphone Mixer with advanced Digital Sound Processing technology. Stand alone or IU rack mountable.

  • Easy set up with LCD display of all functions and settings from front panel and by PC through RS232 socket.
  • Fast, silent automatic.
  • 8 Channel mic/line inputs on XLR connectors.
  • Record outputs for each input channel.
  • 2 Channel mic/line outputs on XLR and RCA phono connectors.
  • Output level LED meter.
  • 12dB boost / cut on 200Hz and 5KHz for each input channel.
  • Swiched compression 1:1 to 6:1 in 1-8 steps.
  • Multi-level channel priority system.
  • Easy use with mono or stereo inputs.
  • Dual mono or stereo outputs.
  • Adjustable limiters on each input prevent channel overloads.
  • Adjustable ‘Off’ attenuation of each input channel.
  • Channel LEDs indicate active or locked out channels.
  • Select NOMA operation On/Off.
  • Simple daisy chain set up for multiple Microphone operations.
  • 48V Phantom Power individually selectable for each channel.
  • Remote VCA control and RS232.
  • External TTL control and monitoring of channel selection.
  • Security mode.
  • IU case size, rack-mounting.


This electronic mixer can be used to mute microphones without the use of a costly DSP by using the “Control input facility”. Led indication of mic Live or muted can also be provided by using the MR88  “Active control output” facility.

Video cameras, lights etc can be activated by the MR88  using the Active control Outputs. The outputs can be either high or low when activated by speech.

Please note that the line / phono outputs cannot be muted and are always live.


Application The input level control and priority system of this mixer makes it uniquely versatile for many diverse applications. The MR88 mixer is ideal for places of worship, courtroom proceedings, meetings, seminars and general A/V applications.
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Power Requirements 110 – 230VAC Via 15VDC adaptor
Supplied Accessories 15V DC adaptor. CD Rom disc.
Input Impedance 2.4kOhms Differential
Output Impedance Balanced 50Ω Pre-Amp Out 560Ω
Max Input Level Mic Level -23 dBV Line Level +16 dBV
Max Output Level +19 dBV
Nominal Output Level at 0 dB on Meter Pre-amp Out -10 dBV Balanced -60 dBV to +4 dBV (Level set on front panel)
THD+N -70 dB
Max NOMA Attenuation 20 dB
Phantom Power +48V
Power Supply 15Vdc 3.4A External Power Supply with 2.1mm connector. Notes:- +ve connected to centre pin -ve is connected to chassis ground internally
Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C
Finish Grey
Dimensions W483mm x D215mm x H44mm (19″ x 8.4″ x 1.75″)
Weight 1.9kgms (61oz)
Architects and engineer specifications IU Rack mountable 8 channel digital automatic microphone mixer. The 2 independent channel busses (48V phantom power individually set) can provide true 8 x 2 channel mixing. Included is a programme disc for loading on to a PC which will allow remote control of all the features offered by the MR88 via the RS232 data input socket. 2 rotary controls on the front panel are used to change any of the many parameters offered by the MR88. An easy to read multifunction LCD display shows all parameters set. 2 Led arrays give a quick and easy visual check on output levels and channels active or locked. A rotary volume control is provided to adjust audio output level to the stereo 6.5mm headphone socket. Rear panel contains 8 x 3 pin XLR input sockets, 2 channel mic/line RCA outputs, 2 x Balanced XLR male outputs, 2 x preamp outputs, DC power input socket. Finish: Satin Grey Size: W483mm (19”) D 215 (8.47”) H 44mm (1.74”) Weight: 1.98Kgs