Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier with Audio Sources (USB/MP3/TUNER)

Standard rack mounted design (1U), SMT design.

* With mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth module, Digital screen displaying the current music from USB.

* With mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth remote control function.

* 1 EMC input, 2 AUX input, 4 MIC input.

* Channel priority: EMC >MIC1>MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2.

* Each channel has volume control function, master volume controls and bass/treble tone control.

* Has level indicator, overload and protection indicator.

* With High temp, overload & short-circuit protection.

* 2 output modes: 100V, 70V (non- Bridged mode).

* High energy and energy saving design of power supply and efficient power amplifier.

* Wide voltage power supply: 180V – 240 V can work normally