•  remote control module
  • zone LED indicator,
  • 2 remote mic inputs and 8 wall plates,
  • volume control for output level,
  • DC 24V – 5W



* The T-8000C remote control module is connected with T-8000 through universal industrial standard CAT 5 for each eight zone’s volume adjustment at a remote and different location from the control center.

* Two different options: T-8000C of aluminum material in grey color and T-8000CW of ABS material in white color.

* Each controller provides eight RJ45 ports for the remote control module.

* The CAT 5 wiring is not only featured of cost-effective, convenient layout, but also integration of RS 485 communication, audio transmission and DC 24V power supply together.

* The remote control module family also has higher functional module of T- 8000B and microphone module of T-8000D.

* Zone LED indicator with up/down buttons.

* Volume control is provided for overall output level control.

* DC 24V power supply from controller, low power consumption 5W.

* Extra DC 24V power supply is needed when communication distance is more than 50 meters.

* Analog to digital conversion working principle to adjust controller’s volume.

* Metal mounting box is supplied.


Model T-8000C / T-8000CW   
Serial Communication Speed 4800bps
Serial Communication Distance Maximum 1Km
Communication Port RJ45
Communication Protocol RS485
Controls Volume control
Power Supply DC 24V
Power Consumption 5W
Weight 300g
Dimensions 86x48x86mm