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Sound System for 4 rooms

The SC344 v2 is a 4-way amplifier, 4-way streamer, 4-way radio and central unit in one.

It has four independent streaming sources. And not only that: the additional four line-in inputs and the built-in 4-way FM tuner make the SC344 the multi-talent among the trivum Multiroom Players. In addition to the almost endless music repertoire of various music streaming services on the Internet, the SC044 also allows you to receive your favourite radio stations and access external music sources (e.g. turntables, MP3 players, etc.).



  • Enormously flexible due to trivum operating system t3OS
  • Each of the 4 zones has its own streamer and its own radio – so music can be listened to completely independently in the 4 zones.
  • Powerful amplifier with 8×30 Watt 
  • Additional 8 variable preamplifier outputs (8x mono / 4x stereo)
  • All outputs share 12 sources: 4x Streaming, 4x Tuner and 4x AUX
  • It is also possible to use the preamplifier outputs for subwoofers.
  • Streams music from TuneIn, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, NAS and Web URLs.
  • Free app for iOS and Android or to operate via browser
  • The SC344 v2 can be used alone for 4 zones. It can be combined with other trivum sound systems for up to 64 zones.




  • User Guide
  • Power Cord
  • Hanging bracket


User manual

Reference Guide

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