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6 Zones Mixer Amplifier with MP3


4 channel Mic. inputs, 2 channel line inputs, separated treble and bass control. 6-channel zone output, zone volume is independently controlled. Built-in bell, the bell tone is optional, 4 tones and 2 tones (built-in), the alarm generator.  MP3 decoder module supports USB / SD / Bluetooth / FM radio playback. Configuring MP3 remote control, support memory function without power input, MIC recording function.   When start the built-in generator, the background will turn off and 6-channel zone output will automatically turn on, switch to maximum output volume function. MIC1- 4 built-in 48V phantom power and independent control switch. T-216 remote microphone can remote control zone output, the maximum cascade 6pcs Mic.



  • Rated outputs from 60W to 120W and 240W.
  • 70V, 100V and low impedance 4-16Ω speaker outputs.
  • Built-in MP3 player and AM/FM tuner and remote control.
  • USB ports and front and rear panel to read MP3 files.
  • MP3 file single cycle and all cycle play modes.
  • AM/FM each 100 channels memory storage.
  • Tuner manual or automatic search with remote control.
  • 3 balanced MIC inputs, 2 line inputs, 1 aux input and 1 line output.
  • Pre output/Amp input for extra signal processing equipments like mixer,EQ.
  • 5 zone and all zone speaker outputs.
  • EMC input with priority over all other inputs except MIC 1.
  • Mic 1 of VOX features of highest input priority.
  • Built-in chime, chime volume, remote trigger and 2/4 tone selector are provided.
  • Aux, Mic1-3, MP3, tuner and master volume control, bass and treble tone control.
  • VFD English display.
  • Power, protection indicators and output level meters.
  • AC fuse, short circuit and high temp protection.


Model TI-1206S TI-2406S TI-3506S TI-5006S
Amplifier Section(Load 100V Output) Rated Output Power (THD 1%) 120W(RMS) 240W(RMS) 350W(RMS) 500W(RMS)
Speaker Zone 1~5 Output 25W MAX 50W MAX 70W MAX 85W MAX
Mic Input Section(Mic 1~4 In@1KHz) Input Sensitivity/Impedance 5mV 600Ω/350mV 10KΩ BAL
S/N Ratio Better than 75dB
Frequency Response (±3dB) 80Hz~16KHz
Tone Control (Bass:100Hz, Treble:10KHz) ±10dB
Phantom Power + 48V
Line Input Section(Mic 1~2 In@1KHz) Input Sensitivity/Impedance 350mV/47KΩ
S/N Better than 80dB
Frequency Response (±3dB) 80Hz~16KHz
Tone Control (Bass: 100Hz,Treble:10KHz) ±10dB
Tel Audio Input Input Sensitivity/Impedance 0.775V/10KΩ
S/N Better than 75dB
Frequency Response (±3dB) 50Hz~16KHz
EMC Audio Input Input Sensitivity/Impedance 0.775V/10KΩ
S/N Better than 75dB
Frequency Response (±3dB) 80Hz~16KHz
Pre Amp Out(Mic 1~4, Line 1~2, Tel In, Remote In) 1V/600Ω
Remote MIC Sensitivity/Impedance 775mV/10KΩ
THD Less than 0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power
Power Supply ~110-230V  50/60Hz & DC 24V
Power Consumption  180W 320W 500W 750W
Weight 6.5Kg 7.1Kg 7.8Kg 8.9Kg


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