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Multimedia Zone/Mixer


The ARX BarMIX is a unique ‘user-friendly’ Zoner/Mixer, enabling a choice of four stereo audio sources to be routed to each of two zones. Up to four stereo sources can be connected to the BarMIX, such as: Tape/cassette/DVD/CD decks, TV/Satellite/video audio, Juke Box/Karaoke systems. The BarMIX has provision for connecting a microphone, to allow announcements to made in the zones. There is comprehensive 3 way EQ and an individual level control for the microphone on the front panel, as well as a Gain trim control on the rear.



  • Unique ‘user-friendly’ Zoner/Mixer
  • Choice of four program sources to two zones
  • Comprehensive microphone control options
  • Local or Remote Master zone control
  • Mic and Zone EQ controls
  • Switchable voice override
  • Multiple stereo inputs; Balanced XLR outputs
  • Intuitive layout for non-technical operators


Input Impedance
Microphone 4 KOhms balanced, Line 100 KOhms unbalanced
Input Gain
Microphone Variable 20 dB to 60 dB with rear trim control, Line –10 to +10 dB
Output Level (Max) + 21dB
Signal to Noise ratio -90 dB ‘A’ weighted, all inputs @ unity,Master @ unity
Distortion @ Unity Gain Below .005% 100Hz to 10 KHZ
Dynamic Range 115 dB
Mic Channel EQ
Low 100Hz 15dBCut/Boost
Mid 800Hz 15dB Cut/Boost, Broad Q
High 10KHz 15dBCut/Boost
Zone EQ
Low 100Hz 10dBCut/Boost
High 10KHz 10dBCut/Boost
Level Control Infinity to +6dB Gain (0 to 11)

Push to Talk Connector
TRS jack socket, wired Tip and Ring shorted to Duck

Hi Z Input Connectors Phono (RCA type)
Balanced Output Connectors Male XLR: Pin 1 Ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –
Frequency Response 20Hz—20KHz ±1dB
Power Requirements 100-120/220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 8VA (8 watts) on 3 pin IEC connector
Weight 5 lbs/2.2 Kg
Dimensions 19″W x 1¾”H x 6″D, 482 x 44 x 155mm
BM-1 Remote Level Control DC controlled VCA kit disables front panel Level control. Wall plate connects to BarMIX via balanced cable with TRS jack connector. Use 1 per Zone


  • Power Supply


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