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MDB – 1A

Active Stereo Direct Box


Great for active instruments like guitars and basses with active pickups and preamps, the MDB-1A Active DI features increased headroom and distortion-free operation. Featuring a 1/4″ high-impedance input and thru with -20db pad plus a Merge switch that turns the Thru jack into a second input, perfect for summing a stereo source to a mono output. The balanced XLR output features switches for Polarity, Low Cut, and Ground Lift. For maximum convenience, the MDB-1A is powered by 48v phantom power.



  • Suitable for stereo sources such as keyboards, media players, etc.
  • High-impedance 6.3 mm jack input with thru output and 20 db pad
  • Balanced XLR output with ground lift, low cut and polarity switch
  • Merge switch
  • Power supply via 48 V phantom power


Multi-Channel Unit Yes
Active / Passive Active
19″ No
Pad switchable Yes
Gnd/Lift switchable Yes
Powered by battery No
Speaker Simulation No


Not available

Not available

Not available

Not available

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