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DVitrea – VMax

Designed for your Digital LifeStyle

Imagine simplicity and design, functionality and style, all perfectly and expertly blended to make your home, office or hotel the dreamy place you’ve always imagined. You can have it all. Vitrea’s premium VMax All-in-One solution makes it possible.



  • Full Integration

VMax All-in-One seamlessly integrates with leading third-party controllers including RTI, Control4, Crestron, Somfy and more via its IP/RS-232/RS-485 connections so that you can control every element of your house, from your audio and visual systems to your home security system and everything in between. You can even add sensors to your
home that automatically adjust the atmosphere inside based on weather conditions and natural light or occupancy.

  • Customization

You can create any scenario, allowing you to set the perfect mood for any time of the day, from morning to night. Through Vitrea’s app, you can even set specific scenarios for daily use with the built-in calendar and astronomical clock. In addition to being able to tailor scenarios to your liking, Vitrea keypads are designed to enhance your interior space. Choose from a selection of stylish glass colors and add personalized engraving to each.

  • Total Control

From the palm of your hand, the VMax All-in-One solution gives you ultimate authority. Activate one of your favorite scenarios, create a new one or control one of your third party systems from the comfort of your couch or while relaxing on vacation with Vitrea’s easy-to-use iOS and Android apps.

  • Intuitive Experience

Controlling your home or business has never been easier. From creating custom scenarios to just giving one command, the system is easy to use, and even those who are not tech-savvy will feel comfortable using it within minutes.

  • Complete Reliability

At Vitrea, our R&D team focuses on developing high-end, dependable products. Therefore, we use only premium quality components to ensure reliability and stability. The VMax solution meets all international regulatory safety and quality standards and are in compliance with international installation and usage requirements.

  • Simple Elegance

The VMax All-in-One DIN solution is specifically designed to be far easier to install than other competing systems
and in such a way that ensures minimum usage of space on the electric board. Programming and configuring your
system can be done in a matter of minutes to create a variety of scenarios for the everyday and special occasions.

  • Spectacular Design

The VMax system offers luxury through functionality. From selecting the color and engraving style to flush
mounting or floating keypads, VMax’s crystal keypads are customized to complement your interior space. For a
complete dynamic design, add matching glass socket covers, doorbell switches, thermostat keypads, and MUR/
DND keypads.

  • Expanded Wireless Automation

VMax is a complete solution which can be used to automate an entire space. However, it is also built to be
expandable to meet the need and budgets of clients who may want to automate additional spaces at a later time.
The VMax All-in-One solution works seamlessly with Vitrea’s VTouch Pro system. When you’re ready, there’s no
need for additional wiring or construction; simply upgrade to VTouch Pro wireless switches that communicate
through Vitrea’s exclusive ARANET, (based on RF Mesh) technology. No hassles, no mess – just brilliantly smart




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